Alic​e M. Batzel 

Published Author, Playwright,

Journalist, Poet, Freelance Writer 


This is a list of articles which I've written about reflections from my life's experiences.  

Instructions to easily locate and access an article:

1) hover the cursor over the title "Reminisce - listing" on the top tool bar.

2) you will see the articles in a drop down box under that heading.

3) click on the title (in the drop down box) for the article you'd like to read.

Thanks for taking the journey with me, as I reminisce...

A Joyous Christmas

All Hearts Come Home For Christmas

Christmas Cookies In June

G.R.I.T.S (Girls Raised In The South)

Trash Collection Treasures

Summer Memories

Childhood Clothes Line

The Old Family Station Wagon

Roller Skating Courtship

Sibling Hijinks Survival

Life-lessons From The Garden

Driving Lessons

Flaunt It Friday