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Vol. 12 in the 12 volume collection,


Author: Josi S. Kilpack

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

First Published: December 1, 2014

ISBN13: 9781609079321

Paperback, 288 pages

REVIEW posted 7/30/2015 on, Goodreads, and Reviewer's Website.

4.5 stars out of 5 for WEDDING CAKE



This is the twelfth and final volume in the collection and it answers questions lingering from previous volumes. The readers are taken to a very satisfying end to the journey we have taken through reading all of the books in the collection. Sadie pursues her wedding plans with every bit of detail that we have come to expect and the reader surely anticipates things will ‘eventually’ work out, but not before mayhem literally explodes. Pete proves to be the solid rock that Sadie knows she can always depend on, and her heart is forever his, if only they both can say “I do” while still alive and able bodied. Family, friends, and loved ones come from near and far to help Sadie and Pete’s wedding be everything it should be, but this is no easy task when the threat of murder is lurking about with a target on Sadie’s back. Sadie’s toolkit of intellect and super sleuthing will be stretched to its max, and Pete will be required to utilize his arsenal of professional law enforcement experience to keep them both alive. The anxiety and tension builds as the reader hopes for a good outcome, and Josi Kilpack does not disappoint her readers; she provides the thrill of the hunt, the mystery, the danger, the adventure, and the eventual setting of all things right. And what would all of this be without the ample provision of culinary treats along the way? We certainly get the delectable treats we salivate for as Sadie’s recipes and favorites are shared with the readers.

This final volume can certainly be read without having read any of the others and it stands very well on its own merit. I, however, recommend reading ALL of the books in the collection for the greatest enjoyment of the journey as Sadie Hoffmiller takes us on a most entertaining journey with her growing toolkit of mystery-solving skills and culinary expertise. As a collection, I feel that the storyline in some volumes is written better than in others, though all are entertaining and what I would consider to be good reads. However, I have my favorites. Without a doubt, these books often capture the reader to the point of wanting to read through the night and delay going to sleep just so you can see where the excitement and mystery are leading. This element of writing skill is one that many writers struggle to achieve throughout their writing career, but Josi Kilpack proves her worth as a writer in today’s competitive writing market, for she has achieved this mark with each and every book in this collection and she has not resorted to using foul or vulgar language, excessive violence/ brutality in order to show consequences for choices, nor has she engaged the reader with overt sexual content in order to convey a believable romantic relationship between a man and a woman. With a blend of sense of humor added into the mix, a formula for success has been achieved with this culinary mystery collection. To capture the attention of her readers through faithfully reading twelve mystery themed books in a related collection, all by taking the high road in her approach to writing, is an accomplishment certainly deserving of applause in today’s mystery writing book market.

IN CONCLUSION, I would recommend WEDDING CAKE and I would highly recommend the entire collection of SADIE HOFFMILLER CULINARY MYSTERIES. This series is superbly entertaining, a mental exercise for any imagination, and it satisfies a sweet tooth nicely without the calories!

REVIEWED 7/30/2015

BY: Alice M. Batzel

Published Playwright, Journalist, Freelance Writer