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TITLE: WOMEN OF THE BOOK OF MORMON, Insights & Inspirations

AUTHOR:Heather B. Moore

PUBLISHER: Covenant Communications


GENRE: Non-fiction. Christian religious scholarship, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, essay, inspiration.

FORMAT: Hardback, 104 pages with art images in color. (Later reprinted in paperback with art images in black and white.)

IDENTIFICATION: ISBN-13-978-1-60861-007-5






Author Heather B. Moore writes this book in response to interest in the lives of the women of the Book of Mormon reflected in readers' reception to her previous OUT OF JERUSALEM series. This book is an engaging, educational, and inspirational presentation, yet it's easily understandable and appealing to a wide range of reading audiences. The material is credibly presented and well-researched, as reflected in the 100+ author notes and additional bibliography. The reading content provides much food for thought, pondering, and the awakening of the mind to the value of the role of women of the Book of Mormon era.

In reading this book, numerous issues and topics caught my attention for thought, consideration, and study. They reached the gambit from woman's original creation and sanctified role in perpetuating generations, the significance of maternal parenting, the role of women in preserving and changing culture and tradition, to the resourcefulness of women in sustaining life in challenging conditions including nomadic camp life of that era. Additionally, the text brought opportunity to ponder the morality and virtue of women, the tremendous significance of women's courageousness with personal choice and its consequences, the sense of community among women, and the manner in which women experienced classification as free vs. slave. Author Moore eloquently spoke of the existence of women living with their testimony of faith in silence to preserve their life, and at other times showing the fortitude of women heralding their testimony of faith to persuade and lead others to truth and Christ. Each of these expressions gave richness and depth to the lives that the women of the Book of Mormon experienced.

While reading this book, I had many occasions when I felt edified by the author's text, and I share one of those to illustrate how the modern-day woman can, indeed, find the study of the lives of ancient women of scripture to be meaningful and applicable: The role of the wife of Mormon took additional meaning for me as a result of reading this book. Her honorable steadfastness with family leadership during extended periods of time when her military husband was absent made her role essential. I grew up in a military family, and at times my father was called to remote geographic locations during times of international military conflict, leaving my mother and maternal grandmother to hold our family together and sustain every need that we children might have as well as maintain our household. Never knowing whether or not our father would safely return was ever in our mind, and dependence upon my mother and grandmother for leadership, love, sustenance, security, and safety was a constant. Reflecting on this brought the principle to my mind that women throughout time have courageously stepped up to such leadership when needed, and they have remarkably and successfully done so. I gained a new respect and consideration for the wife of Mormon, and no longer focused only on his role in the Book of Mormon but gave a place of significance for her as well.


Overall, this book is rich in content giving merit to the rise and fall of civilizations and generations of people of the Book of Mormon as seen through the eyes of the women who lived during that era. Likewise, the credible nature of Author Moore's work in bringing this to light for readers illustrates how the modern-day woman finds these issues relatable. Furthermore, this book will appeal to the interest of both genders, is a well-crafted work of scholarship, and very satisfying to read. The reading audience for this book could very likely consist of individuals belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints acquainted with the Book of Mormon, persons belonging to various additional Christian faiths, and those interested in Mesoamerica history and faith-based scholarship of that era. The book cover and the colored artwork throughout the book are a beautiful complement to this book's presentation. Later editions of this book are in paperback, and the artwork in those is in black and white. My only negative comment about this book is that I would have liked for it to be longer because I really enjoyed it.

I'm pleased to give this book a STRONG RECOMMENDATION TO READERS.

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