Alic​e M. Batzel 

Published Author, Playwright,

Journalist, Poet, Freelance Writer 


by Joseph A. and Alice M. Batzel

* A tribute to the families and their loved ones

who lost their lives as a result of the events of

September 11, 2001.

That morning was clear and blue without a cloud in the sky.

People were going to their jobs and saying their goodbyes.

Workers in the towers, many with shifts from 9 to 5,

Others commuting to their work by bus, train, or drive.

The day seemed very normal, as so many are,

Some answering phones from calls near and far.

Some looking out the window in a disbelieving stare,

As a plane came with precision out of the high thin air.

The first one hit the tower with no warning in sight,

So many were frightened as it snuffed out the light.

The second one came just minutes following the first,

This one also a surprise, its damage even worse.

The mighty towers made of iron, grit, and steel,

Now impaled and crumbling, the sight to all, unreal.

Four years it took to build it, destroyed in the blink of an eye,

Reduced to rubble, black smoke and ash smothered ground and sky.

Tower workers of clerks, secretaries, and bosses,

Fate doesn't care whomever it crosses.

In a crisis, it doesn't matter what job you do,

As each and all strive to save the whole crew.

There were firefighters, police, and other first responders,

It was a call for urgent action, no time to pause and ponder.

With no concern for self, each one risking their own life,

To save another's father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife.

Some decided to stay home on that day,

We call them lucky, while others had to pay.

Why does life change, in an instant it seems?

So many that day were robbed of all their dreams.

On the ground where the towers did reside,

We built a monument to honor those who died.

What have we learned from that fateful day?

Our County WILL unite, no matter come what may.

(Copyright -2016- Joseph A. and Alice M. Batzel, all rights reserved.)